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Roxanne, Her Story ….

Roxanne is the every women. She is a head turner, a heart breaker. She is quiet and sincere, but she is also loud and strong. She is pure confidence and strength. Roxanne is funny but serious when she needs to be. She is brave and untamed. Men want to be with her, they want to keep her. Women want to be her.  You’ll find her nestled among the neon signs, her complexion glowing under their blood-red light. With a drop of the shoulder, she bites her bottom lip and welcomes you in, hand stretched out. You take it and enter a world unlike any other. When she looks at you, with a gaze that holds no bounds, suddenly you’re the only person in the room. But don’t try to hold onto the moment, for it is fleeting. Roxanne cannot be caged, she will not be tamed. Not by man, society or God. Come and join her, with no reservation, only passion and freedom. She’ll remind you what it’s like to live for the moment. She’ll teach you how to be true to yourself. For each of us, even those unaware, have some Roxanne within. Let her out. Set her free and be the women you were born to be.


Uniquely Distinct Breakfast Options.

From mouth watering meals to healthy breakfast options that cater for vegans, we have everything that any foodie could dream of.

Lunch & Dinner

Crispy and Frisky Platefuls

We have Artisanal Pizzas, Gourmet Burgers, Busty Bagels, Glam Burgers, Wood fired hand stretched pizzas, Dude Food, Slinky Buddha Bowls and Hot ‘Dawgs’ that will certifiably rock your world.


Spooning leads to forking.

X-rated Cheesecakes, Hot ‘N Steamy Puddings and Indulgent Waffles come together in one glorious splendor to make sure you leave smiling!


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