In the year 2000, Smith’s Gym first opened its doors in Linden then expanded to Cedar Square Fourways – which has now subsequently become their headquarters and is owned and run by Sean Smith. Kosie “KO” Smith sons, Peter, George and Sean Smith (who also enjoyed their own boxing careers) opened the Smiths’ Gyms focusing on developing a new generation of champions, but also sharing their passion for this sport with people from all walks of life.


Sean Smith is a former amateur boxer and is the founder and owner of Smith’s Boxing Gym, Cedar Square Fourways. Sean has now turned his passion into a business. Passing down his knowledge to future elite fighters and champions but also using it to change the negative stereotype of boxing being perceived as a brutal sport. Educating the public that there is a large tactical and psychological element as it is physical and the benefits of non-contact boxing as a form of exercise is an exhilarating and life-changing experience. Sean is actively involved in the development and management of the fighters that fall under his stable providing the necessary and crucial guidance, skills development and support any elite fighter requires.


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